Around the Burrow's Bend

by Stephen's Hollow

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released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Stephen's Hollow Stephens City, Virginia

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Track Name: Riverboat
Running fast, we'll take it slow,
Jump onto my riverboat,
It may be hard but we'll stay afloat
and though there's distance in my heart we're close.

Call my name, in the light,
When you have lost it all
Break the chains, that took your sight,
And had you bound to fall
Take a chance, know your place,
And let your secrets known
Bridge the void, make your step,
And let your heart take control

Find your truth, and let the rest run free
Hold it tight, and find your strenght in me
And never think I'll let you sink the way i had before,
Trust the fact I'm all you need and more
Track Name: White Harvest Moon
All I knew, were the affairs of my heart,
But I was lost at every turn
I'm just a kid, that's been tearing apart,
But with fault I guess I'll learn

Break my bones,
Make me knew, make me whole

I guess it's time, that has broken this will,
To look into your eyes,
Cause when i do,
My greatest fears become real,
With these words I know you'll cry

I won't forget, that white harvest moon,
When I asked you to be mine,
It was love, the purest love,
That I had felt for you.
Track Name: Mae
Even though, I don't know to much and,
Though I go, so far away from things,
You are the song I sing
Up the road, there will always be a,
Girl who knows, the other side of me,
Something no one else can see,

It's not always easy,
But we were able and willing for this

All we know is love and the sweet,
Way it writes its songs on you and me

And we'll promise things we won't ever keep,
But hold them close cause that's just what you do,
When someone takes a piece of you
And we'll say some things we ain't ever said,
But know there worth,
Cause I paid a price and gave all my heart to you

Though, our love,
May fail to shine,
At least, we know,
It once burned bright
Track Name: Roots
Headed nowhere, far from home,
It's me, my past, and us alone,
Same old tired simple road again
Through the day and into night,
Right ain't wrong if wrong ain't right,
Said I won't but I just might again.

And I'm getting older,
With the world on my shoulders

And though,
Time may take us far,
And give us deeper scars,
And bruise our broken hearts,
Just know this to,
I'll see you soon,
We always go back to our roots

Oh, I know you paid the price,
But grace will lay with sacrifice,
In virtues hand will come a vice,
I know it's not fair,
Change your heart, try they might,
But never let them take your sight,
Keep your fire burning bright,
For those, who lose their hope

Lights will guide you home,
And lead you through the storms,
And I will try to find myself again